pHLOGISTIX LLC was organized in 2011 to develop, market and license specific neurodiagnostic and therapeutic technologies. Continuing its active discovery phase the Company now has two diagnostic and two therapeutic candidates.

Dr. Barry W. Festoff, Founder, a research neurologist who has been a leader in investigating links between coagulation, inflammation and neurological disorders, founded pHLOGISTIX LLC. The Company takes its name from phlogiston, a fire-like, odorless, colorless, tasteless substance without mass supposed by 17th century German chemists to exist in all combustible bodies, and to be released in combustion. Phlogiston was derived from the Greek, phlogistos meaning to burst into flame. The phlogiston theory was supplanted by the discovery of oxygen in the 18th century by Antoine Lavoisier. The “brain on fire” concept underlying neuroinflammation is the touchstone the Company that has created, and continues to make a point of aggressively protecting intellectual property (IP) both through improvement on information already disclosed, and from licensing complementary technology from collaborating entities.